label_tag rendering bug

If you create a radio button:
radio_button_tag 'ctrlname', 'apache2.2'
along with a label tag to match it:
label_tag 'ctrlname_apache2.2', 'Apache 2.2'

It will render like this:

If you try to click the label, it won't select the radio as expected, because the radio id rendering took out the dot, while the label for rendering did not.

HTML for radio:
<input id="ctrlname_apache22" name="ctrlname" type="radio" value="apache2.2" />

HTML for label:
<label for="ctrlname_apache2.2">Apache 2.2</label>

Created by Felipe Coury for illustrating Ticket #1762 on Ruby on Rails Lighthouse.

For more details, read this blog entry.

For source code, visit GitHub Repository for this page.